Descendants of George Combis

First Generation

1. George Combis was born in 1644 in Kythera. He died in 1721 in Gouria of Kythera.

George married Gregoria. Gregoria was born in 1648.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Theodore Logothetis Combis was born in 1678.
  3 M ii John Combis was born in 1695 in Kythera.

Αναφέρεται μετά τών αδελφών του εις συμβόλαιον διευθετήσεως χρέους πρός τρίτον. Νοτάριος Ιούλιος Μόρμορης 23-1-1718.
+ 4 M iii Constantin Combis was born in 1697. He died on 6 Aug 1770.

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