Marion Fischel Marrache

Copywriting – Editing - Ghost Writing – Journalism - Public Relations – Teaching – Translation - Writing and More


Let me introduce myself


Marion Fischel Marrache  -  Born London, UK, July 10, 1959  -  National: UK, USA, Israel

At present on assignment in Madrid, Spain  -  Mobile +34 628 753 732   -  Tel: +34 915 337 451



I am a journalist and editor with several years experience at The Jerusalem Post. I have also written for other publications and fund-raising organizations. Additionally, I have carried out public relations and press liaison duties for a Jerusalem institution.



In my capacity as a journalist I have been responsible for gathering information and writing material for publication in print as well as online. At The Jerusalem Post I have written for all areas of the newspaper – which, in addition to the Daily, publishes a weekly magazine, Jerusalem- and Tel Aviv-area supplements, a TV and leisure guide and other seasonal supplements. 



I am equally comfortable with both American and English spelling and usage. I am able to work on my own initiative and use independent judgement.



As an editor, I have moved from copy editing to editing various sections of the newspaper, some as full-time jobs and others for periods of several weeks/months when my colleagues have been away. I am able to develop story ideas and assign stories, to determine the newsworthiness of a story and ensure facts are accurate. I also have experience in determining potential legal issues and journalistic policy violations.


My job has entailed coordinating the activities of others as well as cooperating closely with other journalists and PR firms. I am able to critically edit material written by others and have proven ability in editing and writing crisp, clear, concise text headlines, subheads, photo captions, outtakes and introductions.



Short of doing the actual layout myself, I am able to take any idea and produce any kind of print publication from it. I have also worked with the Jerusalem Post graphics team in creating and editing Café Oleh, an online section of the website, as well as the blogs section.



I am fluent in English, Spanish, French and German, with working Hebrew, and have considerable experience in translating the first three languages.



I am a flexible, resourceful, dedicated team player with strong communication and interpersonal skills.





2000-2006 Writer and Editor, The Jerusalem Post (click here for details)

2005-2006 Writer for, online publication

2006 Writer for Joint Distribution Committee Jerusalem, Israel

Public Relations

2003 & 2004 Foreign Press Liaison and English, Spanish, French and German language PR at the 20th & 21st International Jerusalem Film Festival, Cinematheque Jerusalem, Israel

Special Projects

2006 Editor of “She,” first Jerusalem Post supplement magazine for women

2004 Creator and Editor, spoof Front Page of The Jerusalem Post on Elvis sightings for publicity at General Assembly, Cleveland, USA

2003 Author, commissioned booklet on the Oral History of the Conservative congregation, Kehillat Moreshet Avraham, East Talpiot, Jerusalem

2002-2003 Editor, autobiographical novel “Drying Dirty Laundry,” by Barbara Wisconsin

2002 Editor, Jerusalem Post special supplement “Refugees Forever,” by Eli Tal


2003 The Jerusalem Post received the Raoul Wallenberg Award  for their continuous coverage of the subject combined with a feature article I wrote for the Magazine. Missing in Action: Raoul Wallenberg


2005-Current French to English translator,, French news website

2002-2006 Spanish, Italian and German translator of press releases, Jerusalem Post

1984-2006 Freelance Translations: English, Spanish, French, German, Spain/Gibraltar /Israel


1998-1999 Sde Hemed Primary School, Maale Aumim, Israel, Teacher of English Language and Literature to children, Grades 5-10.

 ● 1996-1997 MILA Language School, Tel Aviv, Israel, Teacher of English Language to groups of retiring IDF officers. Course sponsored by the Israeli army.

1997-1998 Ringler English Language Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, Teacher of English Language to professionals at their work places, all levels. Course for professional advancement, offered by the Israeli government.

1994- 1996 Gib High, Gibraltar, Teacher of English and Spanish Language and Literature to girls, Forms 1-6, Gibraltar

1982-1984  (Private), Gibraltar 1980-1981 (Private), Malaga, Spain, Teacher of English to children, private classes at home

1979-1980 GB Inter Idiomas, Madrid, Spain, Teacher of English to adults, groups and individuals, and children and private lessons


Bilingual: English/Spanish Fluent: French, German  Good: Hebrew Fair: Italian



French and History of Art, Westfield College, London, UK

Law, Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain

● TEFL, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, Madrid, Spain

● Business Studies, Escuela de Empresariales, Malaga, Spain

● Law and Philosophy, Neve Yerushalayim, Jerusalem, Israel


● Theater, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel