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The Genealogy of Combis Descendants of Theodore Combis Descendants of Nicolaos Combis Descendants of George Combis Fafoutis  
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 SP  Spregos   SG  Sartzetis  VR  Vretos  FA  Fafoutis   NU Nudaros  TS Tsalavoutas   TP Troupis




Alexander b.est.1870-died in Abyssinia  <SP>
Alexander b.1926 - AdisAbeba 

Anargyros b.1866 (George) - Unclassified

Anargyros b.1872 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SG>
Anargyros b.1934 - Kythera 

Anastasios b.1886 - Kythera 
Anastasios b.1901 - Kythera 


Andreas Fafoutis b.1766 - Kythera  <FA>

Andreas b.1828 - Kythera  <FA>
Andreas (Andrew) b.1877 - Logothet. in Kythera


Angelo (Evangelos) b.1917 - California <VR>


Antonios b.1836 - Kythera  <FA>
Antonios b.1855 - Kythera 

Antonios b.1867 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>
Antonios b.1869 - Logothetianika in Kythera 

Apostolos b.1817 - Catsulianika in Kytrera 
Apostolos b.1879 - Logothetianika in Kythera 


Athanasios b.1865 - Smyrna <VR>

Athanasios (Arthur) b.1885 - Logothet. in Kythera  <TS>

Athanasios (Coumbis) b.1940 - Poros <VR>



Barry b.1967 - California <VR>

Basil b.-Brisbane <NU>

Basilios b.1808 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>


Charalambos b.1812 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>

Charalambos b.1812 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>

Charalambos (Tsalavoutas) b.1827 - Logothetianika  <TS>
Charalambos b.1844 - Kythera, died in childhood 
Charalambos b.1847 - Logothetianika in Kythera
<SP>   ?

Charalambos b.1849 - Kythera, died in childhood  <NU>
Charalambos b.1859 - Kythera, died in childhood 
Charalambos (Harry) b.1874 - Kythera  

Charalambos b.1904 (Cosmas Maneas) - Unclassified

Charalambos b.1916 - Petrouni in Kythera  <VR>


Constantine b.estim 1650 - Kythera  Root

Constantine b.1697 - Kythera  <FA>

Constantine b.1715 - Kythera, died in childhood <TP>
Constantine b.1721 - Kythera

Constantine (Gus) b.1877 - Kythera  <TP>
Constantine b.1893 - Broussa  <VR>

Constantine b.1907 - Smyrna <VR>

Constantine (Coumbis) b.1952 - Athens  <TS>

Costis (Coumbis) b.1974 - Poros <VR>

Cornelius b.1885 - St Louis, USA 

Cosmas (Michael) d.1893 - Unclassified

Cosmas (Maneas) b.1870 - Unclassified

Cosmas b.1894 - Kythera  <SG>
Cosmas b.1935 - Kythera 

Demitrios b.1615 - Kythera

Demitrios b.1692 - Kythera Root

Demitrios b.1716 - Kythera  <TP>

Demitrios b.1726 - Kythera  Root

Demitrios b.1735 - Kythera  <FA>
Demitrios b.1772 - Kythera 

Demitrios b.1774 - Κύθηρα  <FA>
Demitrios (Troupis) b.1777 - Kythera <TP>

Demitrios b.1780 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>

Demitrios b.1783 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SG>

Demitrios (Tsalavoutas) b.1793 - Logothet. in Kythera <TS>

Demitrios b.1804 - Kythera <SP>

Demitrios b.1825 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>

Demitrios b.1829 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SG>
Demitrios b.1829 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <TP>   ?

Demitrios b.1835 - Kytrera, died in childhood  <VR>

Demitrios b.1840 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>

Demitrios b.1840 - Kythera  <FA>

Demitrios b.1844 - Kythera, died in childhood  <SG>
Demitrios b.1845 - Catsulianika in Kytrera 
<VR>   ?

Demitrios b.1846 - Kythera, died in childhood  <SP>
Demitrios b.1858 (Emmanuel)-

Demitrios b.1858 - Kythera, died in childhood  <SP>

Demitrios b.1867- Kythera  <TS>

Demitrios b.1871 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>
Demitrios b.1875 - Logothetianika in Kythera 

Demitrios b.1883 - Kythera  <VR>

Demitrios b.1886 - Neapolis  <SP>

Demitrios b.1892 - Died 1910 Athens - Unclassified

Demitrios b.est 1900- Australia  <FA>
Demitrios b.1906 (Panagiotis Fratsia) -

Demitrios b.1927 - Kythera - Left to Australia  <NU>

Demitrios b.1953 - Neapolis  <SP>
Demitrios b.1957 - Neapolis 
Demitrios b.1962 - Neapolis 

Demitrios (Coumbis) b.1949 - Athens  <TS>

Demitrios G (Coumbis) - Athens  <TS>


Douglas b.1943 - Connecticut USA <TS>

Dionyssios (the Monk) d.1753 - Kythera

Dionyssios b.1883 - Kythera  <FA>

Emmanuel b.1716 - Kythera  <FA>

Emmanuel (Troupis) b.1791 - Kythera  <TP>

Emmanuel (Lazanis) b.1794 - Kythera <NU>
Emmanuel b.1860 - Logothetianika in Kythera 

Emmanuel b.1866 - Kythera, died in infancy <NU>
Emmanuel b.1931 -
Emmanuel b.1959 - Australia


Efstratios b.1873 - Kythera  <SG>  

Evangelinos b.1864 - Kythera, died in childhood  <NU>

Evangelos (Coumbis) b.1914 -  <TS>

Evangelos (Angelo) b.1917 - California <VR>


George b.1644 - Kythera  <FA>

George Fafoutis b.1713 - Kythera  <FA>
George b.1737 - Kythera 

George (Postumus) b.1747 - Kythera  <FA>
George b.1764 - Kythera

George (Spregos) b.1777 - Logothetianika in Kythera <SP>
George b.1782 - Kythera 

George b.1792 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SG>
George (Troupis) b.1796 - Kythera  <TP>

George b.1802 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>   ?

George b.1814 - Logothetianika in Kythera <NU>

George b.1828 - Logothetianika in Kythera <SP>

George b.1833 - Logothetianika in Kythera <SG>

George b.1836 - Logothetianika in Kythera <SP>  

George b.1838 - Kythera  <FA>

George b.1841 - Kythera, died in childhood  <TS>

George b.1849 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SG>

George b.1851 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <TP>   ?

George b.1853 - Kythera - childhood  <NU>

George b.1854 - Kythera  <SG>

George b.1858 - Kythera, died in childhood  <VR>
George b.1858 - Catsulianika in Kytrera 
<VR>   ?

George b.1863 - Piraeus  <NU>
George b.1869 - Kythera - Left to Africa 
<SG>   ?

George b.1875 - Kythera <TP>

George b.1880 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>

George b.1897 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>
George b.1899 (Cosmas Maneas) - Unclassified

George b.1901 (Anargyros) - Unclassified

George b.1901 - Kythera, died in childhood  <SG>
George b.1916 - Kythera, died in childhood 

George (Coumbis) b.1920 - Piraeus <TS>

George b.1921 - AdisAbeba  <SP>

George b.1922 - Illinois <TP>

George b.1924 - Sydney <VR>
George b.1937 - Kythera 

George b.1960 - Neapolis  <SP>
Gerasimos b.1907 - 
Gregorios b.1816 - Catsulianika in Kytrera 


Harry (Charalambos) b.1874 - Kythera  <VR>
Harry H  b.1916 - Connecticut USA 
Harry b.1947 - Connecticut USA


Helias b.1909 - Kythera  <VR>


James-Glynton b.1954 - California <VR>


Jannis (see John)

John b.1695 - Kythera

John Fafoutis (Logothetis) b.1726 - Kythera  <FA>
John b.1743 - Kythera 
Root  <NU>

John b.1771 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <TS>
John b.1777 - Kythera 

John (Troupis) b.1787 - Kythera  <TP>

John b.1792 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>

John b.1795 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SG>

John Fafoutis b.1795 - Kythera  <FA>

John b.1799 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>   

John b.1806 - Kythera <SP>

John b.1807 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>

John b.1815 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>  

John b.1823 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <TS>

John b.1824 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <TP>

John b.1826 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <TP>

John b.1831 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SG>

John b.1834 - Kythera  <SP>   ?

John b.1838 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SG>

John b.1844 - Kythera  <VR>
John b.1853 - Kythera 

John b.1867 - Logothetianika in Kythera <SP>  

John b.1870 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <TS>

John b.1871 - Kythera childhood  <NU>

John b.1872 - Kythera  <FA>
John b.1880 - St Louis,

John b.1891 - Kythera  <SG>

John b.1899 - Piraeus, infancy  <NU>

John b.1901 - Kythera  <FA>

John b.1904 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>

John b.1904 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SG>

John b.1908 - Athens  <VR>
John b.1923 - AdisAbeba 

John b.1924 - California <VR>

John b.1926 - Illinois <TP>
Kyriacos b.1815 - Catsulianika in Kytrera 

Kyriacos b.1838 - Kythera, died in childhood <VR>
Kyriacos b.1842 - Logothetianika in Kythera

Kyriacos b.1845 - Kythera, infancy  <TP>

Kyriacos b.1876 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>
Kyriacos b.1890 - Catsulianika in Kytrera 
<VR     ? 
Leon b.1921 - Connecticut USA

Lee b.1951 - Connecticut USA <TS>

Martina b.1915 - New York USA

Michael b.1842 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SP>
Michael (Maneas)b.1861 - Uncertain <SP>  

Michael b.1874 - Died in Athens  <SP>
Michael * b.1881 - 
Michael b.1957 - Neapolis 


Minas b.1785 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>

Minas b.1806 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SG>
Minas b.1810 - Catsulianika in Kytrera 
Minas b.1832 - Kythera, childhood 

Minas b.1832 - Kythera  <FA>
Minas b.1832 - Kythera, childhood 

Minas b.1873 - Kythera  <FA>

Minas b.1885 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>  
Minas b. -
Australia  <FA>


Nicolaos b.1690 - Kythera  <TP>

Nicolaos b.1740 - Kythera  <TP>
Nicolaos b.1762 - Kythera 

Nicolaos b.1808 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>

Nicolaos b.1811 - Kythera  <FA>

Nicolaos b.1819 - Kythera, childhood  <TP>

Nicolaos b.1822 - Logothetianika in Kythera <TP>   ?

Nicolaos b.1829 - Kythera <SP>  
Nicolaos b.1838 - Logothetianika in Kythera 

Nicolaos b.1842 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <TP>

Nicolaos b.1844 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SP>   ?
Nicolaos b.1845 - Catsulianika in Kytrera 
Nicolaos b.1851 - Kytrera, died in childhood 
Nicolaos b.1861 - Logothetianika in Kythera

Nicolaos b.1864 - Kythera, childhood  <TP>
Nicolaos b.1880 - 
Nicolaos b.1896 - Kythera 
Nicolaos b.est.1900 - Died Maroubra NSW 

Nicholas b. - Australia  <VR>
Nicholas b.1944 - Australia 
Nicholas b. -Brisbane

Nicolaos b.1954 - Neapolis  <SP>

Nikiforos b.1837 - Catsulianika in Kytrera 


Panagiotis b.1806 - Kythera, died in childhood <FA>

Panagiotis b.1807 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>   ?  

Panagiotis b.1812 - Kythera  <VR>

Panagiotis b.1814 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>

Panagiotis b.1826 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SG>

Panagiotis b.1833 - Kythera  <FA>   ?

Panagiotis (Tsalavoutas) b.1837 - Logothet. in Kythera  <TS>

Panagiotis b.1838 - Logothetianika in Kythera <SP>   ?

Panagiotis (Peter) b.1848 - Kythera  <VR>

Panagiotis b.1850 - Kythera - Left to Africa  <NU>

Panagiotis b.1851 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>

Panagiotis b.1852 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>

Panagiotis b.1853 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>  

Panagiotis b.est.1865-Died in Abyssinia <SP>
Panagiotis b.1867 - Uncertain

Panagiotis b.1870 - Kythera  <VR>

Panagiotis b.1873 (Fratsia) - Unclassified

Panagiotis b.1876 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <TS>
Panagiotis b.1889 - Kythera 

Panagiotis b.1904 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>
Panagiotis (Coumbis) b.1907 childhood 
Panagiotis b.1925 - AdisAbeba 

Panagiotis d.1943 - Athens  <FA>
Panagiotis b.1962 - Neapolis 

Panagiotis (Coumbis) b.1963 - Athens  <TS>


Peter b.1883 - St. Louis, USA  <VR>


Petros b.1844 - Kythera  <FA>

Petros b.1850 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SP>   ?


Robert b.1976 - Connecticut USA <TS>


Sotirios (Coumbis) b.1952 - Poros <VR>


Stylianos b.1829 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>
Stylianos b.1898 - Piraeus 

Stylianos (Coumbis) b.1976 - Poros <VR>

Telemachos b.1942 - Athens 


Theodore Logothetis b.1678 - Kythera  <FA>
Theodore b.1701 - Kythera 
Root <VR>

Theodore b.1740 - Kythera  <FA>

Theodore (Troupis) b.1754 - Kythera  <TP>

Theodore b.1758 - Kythera, childhood  <FA>

Theodore (Sargente) b.1760 - Logothet. in Kythera  <SG>
Theodore b.1765 - Kythera, died in childhood 

Theodore b.1772 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>
Theodore b.1808 - Kythera 
<VR>   ?

Theodore b.1816 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <TR>

Theodore b.1820 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <TP>   ?

Theodore b.1820 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <SG>
Theodore b.1822 - Kythera 

Theodore b.1823 - Kythera  <TP>

Theodore d. in infancy 1827 -  Kythera  <NU>

Theodore b.1829 - Logothetianika in Kythera <NU>

Theodore (Zaglanikas) b.1838 - Unclassified

Theodore b.1839 - Kythera, died in childhood  <SP>

Theodore b.1840 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>

Theodore b.1841 - Kythera - infancy  <NU>

Theodore Volimatzis b.1851 - in Kythera  <NU>

Theodore b.1873 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>
Theodore b.1882 - Logothetianika in Kythera 

Theodore b.1918 - California, died in childhood <VR>

Theodore b.1945 - California <VR>


Thomas b.1928 - California <VR>

Thomas b.1949 Connecticut USA <TS>


Vassilios b.1808 - Kytrera, died in childhood  <VR>

Vretos b.1736 - Kythera 
Root  <VR>

Vretos d.1782 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>
Vretos (Sargente) b.1789 - Logothetianika in Kythera 

Vretos b.1804 - Catsulianika in Kytrera  <VR>   ?  

Vretos b.1806 - Kythera  <VR>
Vretos b.1807 - Kythera 
Vretos b.1818 - Kythera 
Vretos b.1836 - Kythera,  died in childhood


Zacharias b.1836 - Logothetianika in Kythera  <NU>
Zacharias b.1841 - Logothetianika in Kythera 
Zacharias b.1939 - Kythera