Genealogy of Combis and other Family names  from Kythera

 Logothetis - Batagios - Drapanis - Catsulis - Moulos - Paspalas - Patrikios - Mavrigiannis - Vasegnios - Gavrilis - Sofios - Christianos - Andronikos - Christoforos - Chlentzos 


  Telemachos Combes    A Personal Note 


Let me introduce myself:

My name is Telemachos Combes and I was born in Athens

some years ago (in 1942).

I am an Architect and Engineer by Profession


I like to interfere with everything I can lay my hands on!

From Carpentry to Photography

or Cars to Computers


Art or Antiques...


there is something different I would like to talk to you about

on this site

It is called Genealogy


Updating this site was long overdue!

 When I launched it, little more than five years ago, it was merely an attempt to explore the ways internet -this powerful modern tool- would help organize and display  my data and at the same time make it possible for a circle of people to view them.

 Gradually, the site became more sophisticated as line charts were added and scores of pictures and documents embedded while I was experimenting in display techniques. Later eventually, this enthusiasm for computer designing evaporated and went to hibernation...

 The research in the historical Archives on the contrary, expanded to new fields and significant progress was achieved. New material not only adds generations to the family history of Combis, but it deals with issues of broader social-historical interest such as the origin of a plethora of family names in Logothetianika and the arrival on Kythera of the first family from which all these names derived.

 As a complete overhaul of this site may take ages, I thought it would be better to publish some of the work for an early view already now - even in the form of raw material - to make it available to others who may be interested.


Page updated September 2008

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