From a local Community Newspaper, St Louis 1910 





 The  body  of Capt.  Peter Combis, for 25 years before 1872 a sailor on many seas and a  veteran   of  many   thrilling  adventures, was buried Monday afternoon with Masonic honors.

Capt Combis died at his home, 2500 Belle Glade avenue. He was born In Cirego, Greece, in 1843, and at the age of 14 ran away from home to go to sea.

Twentytwo years were spent as sailor, mate and master of merchantmen; for three years he was in the French navy, and was with the expedition which exterminated the Chinese pirates.  He was shipwrecked many times, and once was the only survivor of his ves­sel. He traveled around the globe twice, and acquired a speaking knowledge of eigrht languages and the mastery of four—Greek, Italian, French and English. In 1872 he came to St.

Text Box:  Text Box:  Louis, and engaged In the tent and awning business, utterly forsaking the sea and telling of his advetuges only to his intimate friends or in answer todirect questions.

He was a member of the Greek Aid So­ciety, attended the Greek Orthodox Church, and a member of Aurora  Iodge,Masonic,which conducted the funeral services.