Costa Combes 1893-1968

His Father

Antonios Combis Kythera 1855 

d in Piraeus 1929

Antonios left Kythera in late 1870's to settle in Brussa as a merchant. Returned to Greece in 1914 and lived in Piraeus to his death



was born in Brussa on 23d of January 1893.

The only son of Antonios and Dimitra received his elementary schooling in Brussa and completed his excellent education in Constantinople.

His Mother

Dimitra Chris Apostolides

b in Brussa 1862

d in Piraeus 1937

1897 Brussa

Antonios believed that opportunities for success lie across the Atlantic, 

where his two brothers where living.

Costa, devoted to his books and ancient history, had other plans for himself but he had to conform to his fathers wish  at this point.

In 1909, early summer, reluctantly embarked on this American expedition. The destination was St Louis in Missouri to join his uncle Peter Combis.

1908 Constantinople

1909-1911 the American experience

1909 St Louis

Costa spent two years all together in the USA. Part of it in St Louis and the rest in New York.

By 1911 he is determined to return to Europe

In photo left with uncle


    1912-1914  Costa et la "Belle Époque"

1912 Paris

Costa arrived in France end of 1911 or beginning of 1912


1913 Paris
1914 Paris

August 1914 marks the beginning of the World War I. On September 10th Costa is leaving Marseille for Piraeus onboard of M/S" Goulandris"

1914-1916 son premier séjour en Grèce

After years Costa is reunited with family in September 1914.

His father and family had left Brussa earlier that year to settle in Piraeus.  

They had to leave behind two houses and almost all  their belongings.

This was Costa's first visit to Greece.

He left again to France in February 1916.


1915 Piraeus

1916 retour a France

1916 Paris 25-2-1916 Marseille


1918 Monte-Carlo

Novembre 1918 fin de la guerre



Anciens Combattants Etranger

dans l'Armée Francaise

1919 Cannes   Monte-Carlo 1919










1920 Cologne

1920 Frankfurt

La vie est belle...

1921 La Baule

1921 Deauville


1922 Cannes


1922 Aix les Bains

1922 Brussels

Consular Passport issued 

7 June 1922


1923 Lion sur-Mer

Costa in

the prime years 

is  missing no chance to make the best of his life.

"Les jolies femmes"

are indispensable part of it...







1923 Brighton

1923 Paris

1923 San Sebastian

1924 Cannes

1925 Paris

Rue Jean-Baptiste

 Dumas 17

1925 Cannes

1925 Dinard

1926 Cannes















1927 Paris

L' armateur Ostendais...

1928 Ostende      
1928 Ostende



to celebrate the purchase of "ARGO"


Cafe-Restaurent "Wellington"

1929 Ostende

1929 Ostende  

  Ivy Ring

1930 Ostende

1933 finalement en Grèce

1933 Athens   1934 Athens
1937(?) Piraeus  

Costa Marries


Thomis in 1941

1940 Piraeus
1943 Athens

1 July 1943

Costa and Attic. Two old friends 

and a song with dedication...


1947 Athens
1951 Athens
Costa's first voyage after the war. Rome, Marseille, Paris and Malta

Le temps des cérises est passé...

1955 Vouliagmeni

1962 Athens

1963 Athens

1967 Loutraki

1968 The End

Costa died in May 1968

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